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Sermon: Telling the Truth when it Hurts

Church of the Incarnation, Dallas, TX. July 15, 2018

I very much want to see the new Fred Rogers documentary. Now even more so after reading this wonderful David Brooks review.

I may have just told Zoë to root for England in today’s match because they “planted” America.

We’ve been talking with her about churches planting other churches lately, so it was the best analogy I could think of…

I will have to explain more later, I suppose. ⚽️

First bike commute to church/work is in the books. 12 miles, which took a little longer than expected. It made an already long day a bit longer, but in a good way. Hoping to make this a habit.

Just now taking a moment to watch France v. Argentina.

This is excellent ⚽️.

Finally pulled the trigger on a bike and trailer for the kids. Day 1 of Take the kids on a two-hour bike ride so mom can sleep in was a success.

Sunday I plan to commute to work for the first time. In Dallas …

Yes, and amen.

Tomorrow is my birthday if you are looking to buy something …

Today I took a big step towards fulfilling a long dream of mine: having a foot in both the academic and church worlds, finding ways for them to continue to complement and serve one another the way they have throughout the centuries.

The one piece of mail certain to go unread into my wastebasket is the letter addressed to the “busy pastor.” Not that the phrase doesn’t describe me at times, but I refuse to give my attention to someone who encourages what is worst in me.

Eugene Peterson

Does anybody know of a good Mac email client that does not store login info on the company’s servers? I don’t need push notifications.