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The one piece of mail certain to go unread into my wastebasket is the letter addressed to the “busy pastor.” Not that the phrase doesn’t describe me at times, but I refuse to give my attention to someone who encourages what is worst in me.

Eugene Peterson

Does anybody know of a good Mac email client that does not store login info on the company’s servers? I don’t need push notifications.

Classical Christian education is Teleological

A teacher who does not teach students to perceive truth in the midst of lies, goodness in the midst of evil, and beauty in the midst of chaos is not worth their salt.

The Dangers of Distracted Parenting
“When it comes to children’s development, parents should worry less about kids’ screen time—and more about their own.”

Yes, and amen, to this Erika Christakis article.

But also, please keep worrying about kids’ screen time too.

Another reason to love ⚽️

The phrase “Iceland defeats Argentina 1-1” makes complete sense.

So far this book has led me to change the way I use social media, but absolutely delete my Google account. 📚

What in the world are these giant birds that just overtook our neighborhood here in Dallas?? 📷

A small procedure (and a few days of uncomfortable recovery …) at an urgent care clinic during a work trip / family vacation last week reminded me of a bizarre week during my stint as a hospital chaplain.

Using Google Takeout and Facebook’s data exporter to download all my info before deleting accounts from both companies.

This is how you spend the opening hours of Father’s Day weekend!

Sanitary gloves found at a North Carolina gas station. I have never seen this before.