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This Final Stripping

It makes me mad to think of it. How well I know what happened at the instant when they snatched him from you! There was a sudden clearing of his eyes (was there not?) as he saw you for the first time, and recognised the part you had had in him and knew that you had it no longer. Just think (and let it be the beginning of your agony) what he felt at that moment; as if a scab had fallen from an old sore, as if he were emerging from a hideous, shell-like tetter, as if he shuffled off for good and all a defiled, wet, clinging garment. By Hell, it is misery enough to see them in their mortal days taking off dirtied and uncomfortable clothes and splashing in hot water and giving little grunts of pleasure—stretching their eased limbs. What, then, of this final stripping, this complete cleansing?

Lewis, C. S.. The Screwtape Letters (pp. 171-172)

Whatever men expect they soon come to think they have a right to: the sense of disappointment can, with very little skill on our part, be turned into a sense of injury.

CSL, The Screwtape Letters

resisting through an earthly life of sixty or seventy

The majority of the human race dies in infancy; of the survivors, a good many die in youth. It is obvious that to Him human birth is important chiefly as the qualification for human death, and death solely as the gate to that other kind of life. We are allowed to work only on a selected minority of the race, for what humans call a ‘normal life’ is the exception. Apparently He wants some—but only a very few—of the human animals with which He is peopling Heaven to have had the experience of resisting us through an earthly life of sixty or seventy years.

CSL, Screwtape Letters

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Productivity tip. Or how to stop wasting time doing things you neither like nor think are valuable:

Set your browser homepage to about:blank.

Paideia. Also, dad night.

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We will laugh, cry, agree, and disagree with this thought-provoking book. You do not have to have started the book to attend.

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Well done, St. Eugene

May your rest be this day in peace, and your dwelling place in the Paradise of God.