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Allow me to sing the praises of Freedom, the app and website blocking tool.

Take a deep breath. You are free.

This landing page is so much more helpful in changing mindset and habits, especially compared to something like “Page Blocked. Get back to work.”

Worth every penny.

One answer to the question “What is Facebook for?” is that it is for the formation of a particular kind of human being.

… The habits generated by our use of Facebook shape our character.

This article is a wonderful interaction with what seems to be an interesting book.

Before a man can do things there must be things he will not do.


This fall, I converted my FB profile in to a Page, which effectively un-followed everyone. I also unfollowed everyone on Twitter and Instagram.

Today I am deleting my FB and Twitter accounts, both over ten years old.

Read more about my two year journey to loving technology less.

This is how we celebrated St. Nicholas Day at my school yesterday. Sent an info email home so that parents could talk about him with their kids!

Either (1) I am so used to the types of results Google gives me and have built my search habits around them, or (2) Duck Duck Go or “Fill in the Blank alternative” is a lousy search engine.

I deleted my Google account this summer, but search is the hardest one to quit…

Liturgical Folk are creating great albums that set prayers and liturgical texts to new music.

Their album Table Settings includes Lord’s Prayer, Gloria, Apostles Creed, and Exsultet.

Their more recent Crumbs includes Veni Sancte Spiritus, Prayer of Humble Access, and more.

I am re-reading Benedict Option with a small group of families from my school. We have had very fruitful conversation thus far.

But two chapters into Archbishop Chaput’s Strangers in a Strange Land I am pretty ready to lead a reading group on that book…

For a little over a month now our children (ages 3 and 5) have been obsessed with Fiddler on the Roof. I could not be more pleased.

We spend a decent amount of time singing (and dancing) to that great musical.

Advent prepares us for something more than Christmas Day. It prepares us for another Day. What the New Testament will often simply describe as The Day.

Advent, with all its Prophets, prepares us year after year to become more able to survive that day.