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These songs were ringing in my ears many nights on the drive home from a shift as a hospital chaplain.

Good to have a listen a few months past that season drawing to an end. 🎶

Hidden gem in Northwest Dallas: Nine Rabbts Cafe. Korean coffee/tea shop and bakery. Takes coffee seriously and has a great work environment.

Yes + amen.

I’m a big fan of short, direct books. 📚

Facebook feed, when you unfollow everyone.

Twitter feed, when you unfollow everyone.

Instagram just shows you your own posts.

Westermeyer’s thesis here: The singing of the untrained congregation and the singing of the finest of musicians both grow out of the NT and its message. The hard work is to hold both in tension with one another, not abandoning one for the other.

“In contrast to the West where psalmody flourished over hymnody, in the East hymnody flourished over psalmody.”
📚 Te Deum, Paul Westermeyer

Zoë got a hold of my (hilarious) joke and made it her own.

It says “I am scary dragon.”

I love her.

“Joy inevitably breaks into song. Speech alone cannot carry its hilarity. The physical equipment we use to laugh is the physical equipment we use to sing. From laughter to song is a small step.” Paul Westermeyer’s Te Deum. 📚

Last test of the evening: posting from macOS client with a photo attached and a link.

Latest test: markdown and this link using two different feeds. One is RSS, and the other is JSON.