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There are countless layers to the challenges our society continues to face, and this is one of them: we have actually believed and embraced the modern origin story.

And we have done so to our collective detriment. 

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This evening I found myself repeatedly trying to bend a soccer ball around our grill and into a small net.

The encouraging (and quite honest) words of our six year old:

Keep trying dad! That’s what I always do, sometimes, when it’s not too hard.

The BBC’s The Repair Shop is worth watching. I am hooked. (Available on Netflix in the US.)

An antidote to throwaway culture, The Repair Shop shines a light on the wonderful treasures to be found in homes across the country.

Putting the finishing touches on the conversion of a gross garage closet into a workable (though tiny) home office. Quite pleased with the end product!

You can view the process at a glance here.

Garage Office Update 4

I am fairly pleased with the progress in just over two weeks. I have held class and more than a few meetings in the space, and I am excited to continue to put in the finishing touches, especially an eventual chalk mural by my super-talented wife.

  • Installed door.
  • Completed texturing and painted white walls and chalk wall.
  • Installed standing and seated desks, including a keyboard stand for the standing desk.

The space is small (4ft x 4.5 ft) so it is hard to capture it in photos, but here goes!

Garage Office Update 3

  • Completed drywall and mudded (for the first time … a little rough)
  • Textured walls and ceiling
  • Painted walls and roof (need to finish chalk corners.)
  • Reinforced door wall for eventual door.

I touched a very hot screw head.

Garage Office Project Update 2

  • Purchased drywall, and drove it home in the back of a Honda Odyssey. (Given the near perfect fit, I imagine the Honda engineers planned for such things.)
  • Installed insulation and started hanging drywall.
  • Built subfloor using plywood attached to flat 2x4s that I screwed into the concrete floor.

Faithful Cross above all other, one and only noble tree, none in foliage, none in blossom, none in fruit thy peers may be; sweetest wood and sweetest iron, sweetest weight is hung on thee.

Venantius Fortunatus (6th cent.)

Garage Office Project Update 1

Started demo on a small (20 sq. ft.) closet in our garage that will hopefully soon become a quiet place to pray and work and video conference in (moderate) peace.


  • Clean out junk.
  • Demo down to studs
  • Consult a good friend re: insulation, AC, and drywall
  • Purchase AC unit and insulation
  • Test potential layout before installing insulation and drywall