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Project Dragonfly doesn’t sound ominous at all…

For the curious: I quit Google in June after well over 10 years fairly deep in their products, and haven’t looked back yet. I’m sure there are some folks trying to reach my old GMail, but I haven’t encountered any major hurdles.

FYI: Magic Erasers are capable of removing several square-inches worth of green Sharpie from laptop screens.

Encouraging undercurrents I noticed at a conference primarily designed to ask folks to consider ordained ministry in the Anglican Communion:

  1. The Priesthood of all believers.
  2. The Scandal of our disunity.
  3. Hope in the future of Christ’s church, not just our corner of that church.

If in one hundred years Christians are known for not killing their children and not killing the elderly, we will have done well.

Stanley Hauerwas last night while speaking on pastoral care.

The (‘79 BCP) Daily Office Lectionary really shines today. Our readings in Job concluded yesterday. Today, we revisit Job 28 before moving on to Esther tomorrow.

What a great read after finishing the sweep of the book.

Pretty excited to spend much of the next three days helping out with the Radical Vocations Conference.

These fine folks will be talking throughout the weekend!

I’ll be talking about five markers of Classical Christian Education tonight at Communion Neighborhood Cooperative in Richardson!

Here is a bit of a preview of the evening.

Next month’s topic: Virtue & Social Media

Job gets me.

Awkward ….

They teach you in seminary that you should always be preaching to “an audience of one.”

Checked that one off the list this week.