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The past week and a half has included a pre-ordination retreat and a family vacation that was part Disney, part mountains, part beach, part family, and all much-needed.

It looks like ACNA has approved a new Book of Common Prayer. What is the publication timeline? Paging @joshuapsteele, among others.

Doing my part by teaching a Greek course to 4th-8th graders this semester.

It is strange seeing “tax collector” outside of the Gospels.

I definitely did a double take.

One of the big lessons of life is this: A sound guide to staying married, staying friends, or simply staying sane is to remember and honor the good in things before criticizing the bad.

This, from Archbishop Chaput, is worth reflecting upon and applying to many areas of life.

When I dropped (most) social media accounts last month, Instagram survived the cut.

But then I found myself still caring more than I wanted to about how people responded to my posts, and it became harder to reckon with the reality that IG is Facebook.

Just deleted my account.

My wife has listened to Marie Kondo’s book, and last night we watched the first episode of her new show.

Excellent television that bucks the trend of many reality shows. It was a slow-paced, unsensational episode that highlights relationships and the transformation of habits.

I can’t take these goofballs anywhere.

(Editor’s note: He loves taking these goofballs everywhere.)

My final New Year’s Bingo card had been printed and posted. Just a few revisions since my first version. You can read about it and more in my latest newsletter sent to subscribers today.

I am jumping on an idea I recently read about: New Year’s Bingo in place of resolutions. I may revise in the days ahead, but this is where I currently stand.

Some are things that are bound to happen, others will require more work.