Visiting your Small Group (invite me to talk on the topic of your choice)

Theology Workshops (an evening of drinks and theology)

Courses (semester-long classes and one-off lectures)

I’d love to visit your small group.

Are you studying From Law to Logos  with your small group? I’d love to come introduce the study or lead one of the sessions. (Did you know there is a free Group Study Guide available?)

Interested in learning about a different topic?

I would love to visit your small group, Bible study, or other gathering and teach through a topic of your choice, complete with a handout and plenty of time to ask questions. The topics and examples listed below are some of the most popular, but feel free to contact me if you have any specific requests. If I don’t know enough to teach it to your group, I likely know someone who does!

  • The Church Calendar
    • Why should I follow the Church Calendar?
    • What is the season of ___ and how should I celebrate it?
  • History of Christian Traditions
    • What is the difference between a Presbyterian and an Anglican?
    • Where did the Baptist Church originate?
    • Was there ever a unified Church?
  • Where did the Bible come from?
    • Why do some Churches have more books than others?
    • Why are there so many different translations of the Bible?
    • Who decided what books belong in the New Testament?
  • Introductions to specific books of the Bible
    • What should I know about Exodus before we study it this semester?
    • What is the context of the book of Psalms?
  • Christian Spiritual Practices
    • The Biblical roots and historical development of various Christian practices, such as fasting, tithing, almsgiving, lectionary reading, etc.
  • Who Believes What? (What different traditions or denominations believe about a variety of topics.)
    • Why do some people baptize infants? Why don’t some people baptize infants?
    • What are the Sacraments, and what do they mean?
    • What is the difference between a Bishop, a Pastor, a Deacon, and a Pope?

Donations have ranged from Free Food to $200 and are very much appreciated.

Email me for more information.

Theology Workshops

Join us for drinks, fellowship, and an interactive lecture on a specific theological topic. Leave with knowledge, a handout, and a couple of new friends. Classes have a minimum and maximum enrollment, so sign up now if you are interested!

History of Christian Traditions: Date TBD

An Anglican, a Presbyterian, and a Methodist walk into a bar. Where did they all come from? Suggested donation is $10 and includes drinks.

The Church Calendar: Date TBD

Christmas? Yes. Easter? Sure. But what in the world is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary? Suggested donation is $10 and includes drinks.

Other classes.

Old Testament | Stanton Center for Ministry Training

Life Together Adult Sunday School | Church of the Incarnation


Rhythms of Habit – Church Calendar as Guide to the Christian Life | Church of the Incarnation

Genesis & Exodus series | Church of the Incarnation

Galatians series | Church of the Incarnation