Here is a somewhat-regularly updated list of my upcoming talks, sermons, or classes for my mom for anyone who may be interested. You can find many of my sermon recordings here.

January 2019

Beginning Greek | Coram Deo Academy Friday Class, Spring 2019

February 2019

Saturday, February 2nd at 10am: Ordination to the Sacred Order of Deacons | St. Matthew’s Cathedral

Sunday, February 10th: Preaching | Uptown Services 9am, 11:15am, 5pm | Church of the Incarnation

March 2019

TBD: The Liturgy of Small Talk | Coram Deo Academy Spring Lecture Series

April 2019

Sunday, April 19th: Preaching Good Friday| Uptown Services 6pm | Church of the Incarnation

May 2019

Sunday, May 19th: Preaching | Traditional Services 7:30am, 9am, 11:15am | Church of the Incarnation


Previous Events & Classes

Screwtape Letters: A Four-week Class | Church of the Incarnation, November 2018

Benedict Option Reading Group | CDA Dallas 2018 Fall Lecture Series, November 2018

Reframing Christian Education | The Living Church Institute (Link to article summary), October 2018

Virtue & Social Media | CDA Dallas 2018 Fall Lecture Series (Link to recording), October 2018

Talking about Classical Christian Education | CDA Dallas 2018 Fall Lecture Series (Link to recording), September 2018

C.S. Lewis | Coram Deo Academy Friday Class, Fall 2018

Becoming Saints: Church History for Kids | Coram Deo Academy Friday Class,  Academic Year 2018-19

Reading the Gospels through First-century Jewish Eyes (Series) | Church of the Incarnation, July 2018

Five Ways to think about Classical Christian Education | Providence Classical Preparatory Academy (Wilmington, NC), June 2018

Rhythms of Habit: The Church Calendar as Guide to the Christian Life | Church of the Incarnation, February 2018

Piety & Paideia: A Classical Approach to Spiritual Development | Coram Deo Academy Classical Educator’s Training, February 2018.

The Liturgy of Small Talk | Society for Classical Learning National Conference, June 2017

Formative Discipline in the University-model | University-Model Schools International Summit, June 2017

Genesis & Exodus (Series) | Church of the Incarnation, September 2015

Galatians (Series) | Church of the Incarnation, August 2015

Teaching Theology in an Ecumenical Context | National Association of University Model Schools National Conference, July 2014.

Paul’s Eucharistic Use of Malachi 1:6-2:9 | Houston Baptist University Theology Conference: Paul and Judaism, March 2014.

Comfort and Longing: The Spirit as Eschatological Hope in Galatians | St. Andrews University: Paul’s Letter to the Galatians and Christian Theology, July 2012.