Ancient Greek for the Everyday Scholar

Ancient Greek for the Everyday scholar is an interactive iPad textbook that aims to serve as an introduction to the study of Ancient Greek.

AGES is ideal for those who wish to begin studying an Ancient Greek language or those who want to remember what they have already learned.

Visit the iBookstore to download a preview or to purchase Ancient Greek for the Everyday Scholar. 

How much does it cost?

Once purchased, all future chapters will appear as free updates. The release schedule is currently set as:

Chapters 1-2: Introduction, Alphabet, Pronunciation (mid-November)

Chapter 3: Reading Practice and First Vocabulary (late-November)

Chapter 4: Inflection, Roots, Affixes (August)

Chapter 5: Basic Nouns (September)

Chapter 6: Basic Verbs (October)

Chapter 7: Prepositions and Adjectives (December)

Chapter 8: Conclusion and Next Steps (January)

Why release in stages?

I originally wrote this text to accompany a High School Greek course I am developing. As I am teaching through it for the first time this year, I have found that as I teach the material, the book is enhanced. Therefore I plan to only release chapters after I have completed teaching them. I think this will result in a better product!