A Life of Theology: The Coram Deo Journal of Theology

This Spring, Coram Deo Academy released their first Journal of Theology. Issue One is now available, and Issue Two will be released April 15.

A Life of Theology: The Coram Deo Academy Journal of Theology is the result of a long-felt desire to highlight theological reflections already being made in a variety of contexts across our schools as well as a desire to provide an opportunity for fresh reflections from our students, faculty, and alumni.

Faculty, students, and alumni of Coram Deo Academy will tell you that theological reflection happens in every single class, activity, setting, and grade level across our district. While some of our classes are explicitly labeled Bible, Theology, or Apologetics, many of the most meaningful discussions of a life lived coram deo take place in classes labeled Math, Science, Athletics, Fine Arts, History, Foreign Language and Literature. It is these conversations that we wish to highlight here.

Many of our faculty, students, and alumni are actively thinking, praying, and working through the difficult task of exploring the ways in which our faith affects all areas of our lives, hobbies, teaching, and learning. May this be a place of highlighting just a few of these reflection in hopes that the body of Christ may “consider how we can spur one another on toward love and good deeds”.

In this inaugural Life of Theology issue, faculty and students present a variety of theological reflections covering a wide range of subjects, including film, language, literature, and biblical interpretation.
Stay tuned for more information on how to contribute to the next issue of A Life of Theology.

To download a the PDF version click here.

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