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Here at 5am is about the only time and place that I can actually spend time writing.

The candlelight is soothing and instills focus.

But I also use it because I live with two monsters who, even in their sleep, can detect artificial light the second their dad flips the switch…

This is an excerpt from an email I sent earlier in the week describing a talk I gave to our faculty.

I was a few replies deep before I realized that I sent the original email without double-checking the text-to-speech transcription…

All this talk of finding water on Mars is no surprise to those who read Out of the Silent Planet. CSL was years ahead of the European Space Agency. 📚

It is incredible that an entire generation was raised on these platitudes and there were no negative cultural consequences…

An ecclesiastical organization modeled on an administrative organization will inevitably take on an administrative character, and that is what has happened to the episcopacy.

A very historically-loaded and thought-provoking sentence by @ayjay.

Every time I am approaching a writing deadline:

“I hate deadlines!”

Every time I have an idea without a writing deadline:

“I really need a deadline.”


Interested in social media that doesn’t make you a terrible human? I’d recommend checking out

It’s a few extra steps to set up + there are no follower counts. But these are actually features, not bugs. Bonus: no POTUS rants.

Whether you are naturally a Peacemaker or a Protester, Jesus challenges the way all of us speak difficult truths.

My sermon from last week, for those of you interested in such things.

Testing cross-posting to Twitter.

@manton cross-posting to Facebook Pages instead of a FB profile? Sorry, I couldn’t find info on this.