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Quitting Google

I have toyed with it in the past, but tonight I finally pulled the plug on my Google account.

I am not naive to how much information other companies (predominantly Apple in my case) know about me. But Google and Facebook are different. They aren’t trying to sell me a product; they are selling me as their product. The data they collect and store is sold to God-knows-who for a number of purposes. (Seriously, sometimes Facebook and Google don’t even know who they are selling to.)

Gmail was great. It streamlined the email process, and provided virtually unlimited storage. Searching for old emails was a breeze. But it also processed every single one of your emails and targeted super-specific ads based on what you read and wrote. And then it started suggesting specific responses to emails. I don’t know why, but that was the last straw for me.

I might live to regret this. I have tried quitting Google once before. Let’s see if it doesn’t stick this time.