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Conscience and Voting

I am honestly baffled by Christians on both sides of the political spectrum who are able to vote with a clean conscience. Why?

1. I don’t see how anyone taking the moral teaching of Christianity seriously cannot agree with at least most of the consistent-life ethic.

Aside 1: I would personally argue for agreeing with all of it.

Aside 2: You can certainly be a Christian and not hold this ethic, but I certainly think that you are a terribly wrong Christian for doing so.

2. I don’t see any candidates in my districts or state consistently holding this ethic, or even most of it.

My honest struggle is how do you pick-and-choose what “life” is more important to protect?

I would not necessarily argue for abstaining from voting; I will be voting today. But I am very weary of a Christian conscience that is not somehow conflicted every time one heads to the polling station without a candidate who embraces a consistent-life ethic.