Life Together is both a class and a community. (Think seminary meets summer camp.) We explore things that truly matter while getting to know one another on a level that goes beyond a smile and nod between services. This semester we are studying the Epistle to Diognetus together.

Spring 2017, 10:20am @ Church of the Incarnation

A summary of each week’s lesson, plus a handout, can be accessed below.

January 8th: What is the Epistle to Diognetus and why should I read it?
January 15th: Three Questions (Diognetus 1)
January 22nd: You Are What You Worship (Diognetus 2)
January 29th: Christianity and Judaism (Diognetus 3 & 4)
February 5th: You are not an American Christian (Diognetus 5:1-4)