I cannot think unless I have been thought, nor can I speak unless I have been spoken.

Fr. Malcolm Guite’s take on O Sapientia

A gem from today’s commemoration of Katharina Luther:

Martin Luther was unsure of whether he should marry. However, he eventually came to the conclusion that “his marriage would please his father, rile the pope, cause the angels to laugh, and the devils to weep.”

Matthew 15:

Jesus has harsh words for two groups of people.

(1) the Pharisees, and (2) a Gentile woman.

Their respective responses (v.12 for Pharisees, v.27 for woman) to those harsh words could not be more different, and is likely what Matthew is drawing our attention to.

On September 28th, I was ordained a Priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. It was a beautiful and chaotic end of one journey that is also the beginning of another.

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Six days into a two-week family road trip. Final leg to North Carolina is today. Plan to spend some time on the beach and then (eventually) find our way back to Dallas.

Binge-watching Jeopardy! while trying to approach inbox zero for the first time in months.

That most Christians today consider legality the primary question means that we have severely dropped the ball in moral catechesis.

I recently wrote about all the abortion questions we aren’t asking.