What I’m Currently Working On

  • Rhythms of Habit: The Church Calendar as Guide to the Christian Life

Rhythms of Habit introduces the Church Calendar as a guide to the essential moments and practices of the Christian life.

Even among those traditions who have previously rejected the ancient practice of following the Church Calendar, there is a renewed interest in what it might offer modern disciples. Those who grew up in a Liturgical context often don’t know why they follow the calendar or what they stand to gain by doing so. Rhythms of Habit is written with both of these audiences in mind.

This manuscript is 30% complete and is my primary (writing) focus.

  • Mosaic Jesus: Seven Ways to Read the Gospels

Mosaic Jesus is an accessible guide to becoming better readers of the four Gospels by exploring several different but complementary approaches to reading these Jesus-shaped narratives.

This project is fully outlined, and I will be teaching a class on the same topic this summer.

Updated June 2018