I spend the vast majority of my time doing what I love with people I love. This is rare, and I am grateful.

I have been dreaming of married life and being a dad since I can remember. I get to teach what I love and help lead a school that I love. I am also in the process of training for the priesthood, and the end is, God-willing, in sight. Life is not perfect, and has its fair share of challenges. But I am really pleased with what I get to do day in and day out.

Several years ago I started thinking through what it would look like to translate some of what I have taught in the classroom and in churches into short, enjoyable, and informative books.

My first book, From Law to Logos, was an attempt to do just that. I taught a class on Galatians to a group of eager young adults at Church of the Incarnation, and I absolutely loved our time together. We discovered the power of re-reading Galatians over and over as we studied it together. It was harder to turn lecture notes and off-the-cuff conversations into a book than I thought it would be, but I really enjoyed the process.

Since that book was published, I have begun working on (at least) two more books. All of my writing is done in small bursts while the world’s most adorable monsters pretend to be asleep, since I have a day job and plans to add another one. But doing this sort of work gives me energy, Viv supports it, and I think it is helpful.

While this has been happening, I have also become more weary of social media in general, and Facebook in particular.

For now, I am trying something new: getting rid of my Facebook profile, and occasionally posting short excerpts of what I am writing here and on my Facebook author page.

So no pressure to follow along, but I’d love to have you stick around and engage while I write on Scripture, the history of the church, classical education, and doughnuts.

If you miss adorable pictures of my family, shoot me a text and I will be happy to share.