I live in Dallas, TX with my wife Vivien and our three kids. I am a Priest serving at Church of the Incarnation and as the Headmaster of Coram Deo Academy’s Dallas Campus.

My most regular writing can be found on the Covenant blog, where I am a contributor. I post updates occasionally here on the Notes page. That page serves as a Wunderkammer of sorts: a place to write brief thoughts and updates, but also as a storehouse for my own notes while I work on a number of writing projects. (Which, at the moment, include one on the Church Calendar and another on Sacraments in a virtual age.)

I send a very occasional newsletter, too. Think of it as slower, but still social, media. Click here to read a sample or subscribe.

My first book, From Law to Logos: Reading St. Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians is now available. You can find a free study guide for your small group here.